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Cartel San Fermines 2018

From  the  6  to the 14 July, San Fermines are celebrated in Pamplona with the bullfights among other events that surrounds  this festival.

In Limousine CC we do not want you to miss this event of international interest and you can count on us for all your trips, both to take you from the point of arrival to Pamplona to your accommodation and to move around the city and then return to leave you in the place for your trip back to your destination with total security and comfort.

We tell you a bit of history and we give you some tips so you can fully enjoy these holidays:

What is confinement?

The encierro is a free race of 875 meters in front of six wild bulls and six halters that guide the herd along the route to the bullring. It is celebrated in Pamplona every day during the festivities of San Fermín, from July 7 to 14, at 8 in the morning. Its duration, if nothing strange happens, is usually between 2 and 3 minutes.

What is the origin of the encierro?

In indeterminate date the butchers, guild in charge of getting the cattle, began to accompany the shepherds in the work of guiding the bulls and halters to the square. With the  time the entertainment was popularized and it began to run in front of the animals and not behind as before.

El encierro en San Fermines

How to participate?

You do not need to register, participating is free and anyone over 18 can run, but there are a number of rules and prohibitions that you must respect if you do not want to have a problem with the authorities, which at that time are  not joking: fundamentally do not access the tour if you have past drinking.


The encierro runs through several streets of the old town of Pamplona, ​​from the slope of Santo Domingo to the bullring. In total they are 875 meters. No matter how good you are physically, it is impossible to complete the total distance, because off  the presence of other runners and the speed of the bulls. If you walk around Pamplona those days and at those times, do not worry, the route is fenced, and the bulls can not escape.


Attentive to the rockets that will sound, is the way in which the organizers communicate with the runners and the public. The first indicates that the enclosure begins and spurs the herd to leave the corral; the second one indicates that all the bulls have left the corral and are in the route; the third tells us that the bulls are already in the square, so there are no bulls in the streets; and the fourth announces that there is no danger because they are in the corrals of the square itself. This warning allows to reopen the streets and warn the security device that the city can continue with the party.

How to run?

Learn about all aspects of the race and how to run well. If you are determined, choose a section of the route and let yourself be advised by other more experienced riders. The thing is to start running,  slowly first, then full milk, before the bulls arrive, stand in front of them (more or less close according to your desire to risk )and move away from their trajectory, trying especially  not to  cross or endanger other runners (against the wall or jumping to a fence if there is one).

Correr en San Fermines


The confinement has risks. There is an average of 2,000 people participating in each confinement, the bulls can gore or trample, and it is usual that every day there are several injured by antler, blows or traumatisms, sometimes serious, especially if there are stray bulls or if there is a lot . It is not usual, but there have been several deaths in the last 30 years. If you are a foreigner and have been injured in the confinement, they will treat you and cure you, but then they will pass the cost to you to pay for your medical insurance.

And if you do not run …

If you do not feel like risking  your life, but you want to see the confinement, you can see it in different ways. In some of the balconies that there are  in the course of the encierro and that sells, in the own square, where  you will later  be able to see the spectacle of heifers, or in the television, if you are of hangover in the hotel.


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