Tourism and Leisure

In your moments of leisure to enjoy travel in comfort. Have a car with driver, to relax and let go, making the most of your free time.
A whole group of professionals working to ensure your deserved rest. If you demand the best, you deserve Limousine CC.

Dining Out

A high-level dining experience is more than just food.
So we offer a vehicle with driver, to relax on the way to the restaurant and to awaken your senses without concerns about getting back home.
Eating for pleasure, enjoying travel, few people know how to make everyday an exceptional luxury.

At your Disposal

If you want to make your own itinerary and follow your own pace we will gladly comply. A personal chauffeur at your disposal at all times to please.
To enjoy full freedom of movement at your pace, thinking only about what you want to do.


Cultural Tours

A unique way to travel, exclusive and close.
In our tourist excursions and cultural visits we offer a car and driver who will accompany you to visit the towns and most charming cities, knowing exclusive places reserved for the few, and above all enjoying the stay and the journey.

Shopping Tours

We will accompany you to the most exclusive shops of the city with ease, alone or with your friends your personal driver will make an unforgettable shopping experience.
The best locations and the most exclusive products at your fingertips.
You want it, we’ll put it in the palm of your hand.