Viking Romeria of Catoira

How to get to the Viking Romeria de Catoira? Limousine CC takes you

The main events of the Viking Cartoira Romeria are celebrated on the first Saturday and Sunday of August in the Pontevedra town of Catoira.

In recent years it has become one of the most popular festivals of the summer and each year its fame is increasing. In 2018 it will be on the 4th and 5th of August.

Catoira is a town with about 3,500 inhabitants located in the district of Caldas.

Origin of its History

The Viking Romeria was held for the first time in 1960 with the intention of recalling the importance of Catoira in the defense of Galicia against the attacks of the Norman and Saracen pirates that took place in the ninth and tenth centuries in the river lands Ulla.

It was declared a Festival of National Tourist Interest in the Year 1988.

It was declared a Festival of International Tourist Interest in the Year 2002.

The programing

The week before the celebration of this festival begins a series of cultural and recreational activities.

Literary presentations that are related to the history of this celebration and also to the past of Catoira.

Different Viking theater plays are performed and several musical concerts are held.

The most outstanding acts of the Viking Romeria de Catoira are the Viking Dinner. It takes place in the precinct of the Towers of the West from 10 pm on Saturday.

There are two requirements to participate in this dinner: you have to buy passes at the municipal library, you can buy them until very few days before.

Another indispensable requirement is to go dressed as a Viking.

The next day, about 10 o’clock, a parade begins from the center of town to the premises of the Torres del Oeste.

Then follows the most unique and well-known act, the Viking Descent starting at 1 pm on Sunday in front of the Towers of the West.

In the afternoon the acts continue with a puppet show and a musical performance that puts the final point to the Viking Cartoira Pilgrimage.

Romeria Vikinga de Catoira: curiosity

As a curious fact it should be noted that since its declaration as a festival of International Tourist Interest the town is twinned with the Danish town of Frederikssund.


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